Reprise is a product-led growth platform that specializes in the creation of demos and product tours. Using Reprise’s browser extension, a user is able to capture their website or web application. This capture is parsed by the extension, and the user can use Reprise’s editor to directly modify the behavior and appearance of their demo. This no-code editor enables always-on, infrastructure-less views into the user’s application or webpage, allowing companies to create demos for their products without having to go through the trouble of configuring, enabling, and maintaining a fickle demo environment. Here’s what I have on my resume to represent my time at Reprise:

  • Implemented full-stack features in Reprise‚Äôs no-code editing platform and browser extension using TypeScript, Vue.js, and Django
  • Investigated experimental approaches to improve reliability and performance of a tool that clones modern web applications and intercepts web requests to mock backend services
  • Supported efforts to integrate analytics pipelines with external services


Reprise is the smallest and most dynamic company that I’ve ever worked at. Broadly speaking, my work at Reprise involved improving the usability, performance, and functionality of our products. This includes Reprise’s Screen Capture offering, as well as their experimental Live Demo product, which allows users to capture sandboxed versions of complex web applications. I also spent time on the Chromium extension team, as well as the analytics team. It was an awesome and unique experience to work across the entire product’s platform during my time at the company.

I enjoyed the unique problems (and innovative solutions) that I’ve been exposed to while working at Reprise. The tech stack consists of a Vue.js / TypeScript frontend, and a Django backend. I’ve loved working with these technologies on my own personal time, and it was wonderful to be able to work with them professionally. In addition, this was my first role where I’ve had so much hands-on work with browser extensions. The use of the extension, along with the cutting-edge nature of our browser-based no-code editor, has led me to learn a lot about the inner workings of web browsers. I was challenged by the nuances of this kind of “low-level” web development, especially as I worked through highly ambiguous tasks and played around with experimental approaches to improve the reliability of Reprise’s product offering.

My time at Reprise was a whirlwind of learning and implementation, and I feel like I grew a lot from a role where individual contributors could leave such a lasting impact on the application. In addition, I found that flexibility and agility were important qualities to have if one wishes to thrive in an early-stage startup. It was a great opportunity to be able to improve on those competencies at this position.